Why Policy League

Listen, you can buy insurance anywhere... there's even a lizard on TV who will sell you insurance. So why use a company like Policy League?

There are several good reasons:

Reason One - We look at insurance differently

We don't look at insurance as a "product" that we "sell". Instead, we see insurance for what it really is: an extremely important part of adult life. Whether you own a home, cars, a business... having good insurance is vital - after all, it can mean the difference between successfully weathering an unfortunate incident, and financial ruin.

Our clients generally don't want inadequate minimums just to comply with the law. Instead, they want excellent coverage, tailored to them, but they want it at a fair price. And that's exactly what Policy League delivers - great coverage; the very best service; at an extremely reasonable price.

Reason Two - Our Professional Team

Competence and Character are the primary traits of our team.

Truthfully, we have very stringent expectations of what makes the best "super-agent". And not everyone is going to make the cut. But that high standard is to your advantage - with Policy League, you can be certain that we only have true insurance professionals who will work with you to listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and craft you a custom policy that satisfies all of them.  

We will sit down with you, face to face, and we will deliver.

The advantage to you is multifold - there will be no surprises to you, we will cover every base, and we can even save you money by custom-designing a policy that takes advantage of little-known strategies (like escrow type accounts for workman's comp insurance.) 

Reason Three - We Do It All

We handle the general types of insurance you expect us to handle - home, auto, and life. But we also specialize in commercial insurance - business insurance, workers compensation insurance, disability insurance, group health insurance, and many others.

This makes us a one-stop insurance agency for all of your needs. And it can also save you money, as we can craft a policy that covers everything you require, without going to several different agencies.

Our clients really appreciate that we are so well-versed on different types of insurance. They can get business insurance advice while buying their personal auto policy - indeed, not everyone needs this level of service, but for the people who choose us, our versatility really shines through.

Reason Four - Our Reach is Really Far

While we serve the Houston area primarily, we are also licensed in California, Arkansas, and Arizona. And yes, we have clients in all of those places (we even hop on a plane to go see them when a face-to-face is necessary).

It speaks well of us when a business in Arizona or California chooses our Houston Based Agency to provide them with commercial insurance. Because really, all they have to do is walk down the street and find a local agency (or a lizard!) to help them. But instead they work with Policy League. And it's because of the reasons we've just outlined.

Whether you simply need automobile insurance, or need an entire suite of policies for your personal and professional life, our team of insurance experts stands ready to assist you. Click here to contact us.