Maritime Liability & Global Employee Exposures

Boats, Barges and Platforms

This is a true specialty in our field...and we are happy that we know exactly how to help our clients who have these types of exposures.

From the Energy Corridor of Houston to United Kingdom

There seems to be a mojor niche' here for us at Policy League. Because while Oil & Gas companies are well known for taking care of their employees...they sometimes feel like there is "no one" that understands how to cover employees beyond the product of "Worker Compensation".  We know that there are clients who fly overseas and some work on platforms in the middle of the ocean. We know the exposures, we can help you.

USL&H; the Jones Act; M.E.L 

Where do we begin on this critical and seldom known about coverage?  We recommend contacting this subject is broad and coverage needs vary based on miles from the coast, state of domicile and contracts entered into. Contact us now, we can help!